Montez Press
Montez Press Radio
August 01, 2018

Montez Press Summer Program: Montez Press Radio

For the past three years, Montez Press has been granted the opportunity to temporarily take over the space of Mathew, a gallery in Chinatown, NYC in order to host a summer program. This summer, Montez will be organizing a month long radio presentation. For 30 days, 24 hours a day, content will be streaming live from Chinatown, bringing together a widely varied group of artists/writers/musicians/theorists to explore the medium of radio.

Radio and publishing have much in common; radio is a seemingly obsolete and limited method of communication, yet, much like publishing, it continues to persist despite the ubiquity of image based technology. The month long installation will simultaneously encapsulate our specific moment in art, music, and media while also showcasing the work of historical and contemporary artists and organizations that inspire and inform Montez Press.

46 Canal St, #2 (Open hours 11am-11pm ) Live stream: FM: WGXC 9.70 (for select programming) / TBA @montezpressradio @montezpress
With: 8-Ball Community; AAAClimax; Ajakia Smith; AJXO; Alicia Novella Vasquez; Amelia Saddington; A.M. Bang; Andrew Ceneus; Anja Dietmann; AQNB; Belladonna*; Ben Babbitt; Berlin Community Radio; Bridget Donahue; Brooklyn Institute for Social Research; Bureau; Candy Pop: Anarchist Radio; Carol Parkinson and Adrian Rew; Center for Experimental Lectures; Chloe Stead and Nicola Guy; Christiane Blattmann; Coconuts Carnival; Constance DeJong; Craig Dermody; C. Spencer Yeh; Dave Q; David Goren; Dean Kissick; Disband; DJ Select; Dog Lair Barks; DOS; Emily Pope; Emily Singer; Eric Linsker; Erika Jane Barrett and Lary 7; Erin Sweeny; Ethan Embassy Records; Eyes of Ruby; FIXED; Frankie tha Lucky Dog; Futurepoem; Gary Indiana; Gimoire-esque; girlsgetlow; Good Room; Got 2 B Radio; Greta Lickteig; Hannah Regel; Hard to Read; Indian Ocean World; Jamieson Webster; Janique Vigier; Jeff Joyal and Ben Schumacher; Jeremy Toussaint-Baptiste; John Bourke; John Walter; Joshua “Prince Language” Taylor; Julian Mader; Julie Bena; Julien Ceccaldi; Junior Aspirin Records; Katie Della-Valle; Kellam Matthews + friends; KCHUNG; Kimmo Modig; Lemon Guo with Mengtai Zhang and Lee Gilboa; Leopold Lambert; Lezioni Di Biliardo; Library Stack; L&L&L Record Club; Mark von Schlegell; Matthew Hilvers; Matthew O’Shannessy; Matt Hoyt; Mister Welfare; Mite (Embassy Records); Mr. Black Lauren; Natasha Stagg; NYC Trans Oral History Project; Organism for Poetic Research; Out of Print; Paul Elliman; Pfeil Magazine; Porkins Policy Review; The Press Group; Primary Information; Primitive Languages; Prototype; @mrsblueeyes123; Reginald Chapman; Rick Rab & friends; Ruby McCollister; Sadaf H. Nava; Sam Hardy; Sarah McNally; Scratching the Surface; Sebastian Maria; Sonika Misra; Stefan Schwartzman; Stephanie LaCava; Steph Kretowicz; Stoney Blue; Tania Cross Tellus; Than Hussein Clark; Thea Westreich, Skuta Helgason, and Max Schummann; The Funambulist; The Gentle Scoundrel Show; Thomas Laprade; Tim Simonds & Emma McCormick-Goodhart; Title TK; Tomasz Kowalski; Torey Thornton; Triple Canopy; Vivienne Griffin; Wave Farm; Wendy's Subway; Wes Stokes; Widmark; With The Lights On with Asha Light; Wojciech Bakowski, Yellow Jackets Collective; Yes, Poetry; Youngbloods