Montez Press
Than Hussein Clark, Christiane Blattmann, William Joys
Emperor! Emperor! Emperor!

43 B.C. Cleopatra, Caesar, and Marc Anthony hold a parade to announce the second triumvirate. History has forgotten this episode. Produced via Skype chat, this dialogue between three characters of power transfers politics into an exchange of absurdities. Correlations among three egomaniacs shift between obsession and seduction, disingenuousness and delusions of grandeur. The reader will witness possibly the most excessive way an empire has ever fallen…

Published on the occasion of the exhibition "Emperor! Emperor! Emperor!" by Christiane Blattmann and Than Hussein Clark at Coffer's, Berlin

ISBN 978-3-945247-04-4

Year: 2012

Format: 145 × 205 mm

Binding: staple bound

Pages: 52

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